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Notes on Podcasting & Video Blogging

Lunch is a meal I generally skip, so I got to spend some time talking to Robert Sanzalone during the break. He’s presenting a session on podcasting and video blogging – here are some notes: Robert says podcasting kind of came from Apple…I disagree, but I see where he’s going with it. Apple has the… Reads more »

Notes on Structured Content

Time for another session – Dickson and Megan have gone to a different one this time. Oh, and I notice Scoble’s tablet is actually a newer model than mine (I think…larger screen too). Here are some notes on Bryan Rieger’s session on structured content (this is essentially a Semantic Web concept): Very interesting use of… Reads more »

Finally at Moose Camp – notes on Journalism

So we slept in a little this morning, and we took our time. Compared to past trips, this one has been relatively relaxing thus far! We finally made it to UBC’s downtown campus (entirely underground in case you didn’t know) and got our lanyards. Kind of neat idea – in addition to your name and… Reads more »

Off to Northern Voice!

We leave tonite for Vancouver where we’ll spend tomorrow at Moose Camp and Saturday at Northern Voice. Megan’s flight is a little earlier than mine and Dickson’s but that’s okay. I know I have mentioned this already, but I’m really looking forward to the conference – last year was great, so I have high expectations… Reads more »

Registered for Northern Voice 2006

I finally got around to registering for Nothern Voice 2006, taking place in Vancouver on February 10th and 11th. The second day is a “regular” conference day with scheduled sessions and speakers while the first day is called Moose Camp, a self-organized conference (attendees plan the day). I am really looking forward to the conference… Reads more »

Thoughts on the Neoliberal Globalism Conference

Now that the Globalism Conference is over and I’ve had a day or so to digest what I took in, I came up with some thoughts and observations. Megan also posted some post-conference thoughts. Here are mine, in no particular order: I wonder how we get young people interested and involved in this type of… Reads more »

Alternatives to Integration

The final session of the day was titled Alternatives to Integration with Bush’s America, and included Lori Wallach, David Schneiderman, and Gordon Laxer as panelists. Mr. Laxer spoke last, being the man behind the Globalism Project, and this talk was more a wrap up of the last five years of work than an alternative to… Reads more »

Energy and Security

There were concurrent sessions right after lunch today, and I chose to attend the one entitled Energy and Security. Of all the sessions I attended, this one had the most discussion and was probably the most engaging from start to finish. All three topics presented by the panelists were tightly integrated and related, so the… Reads more »