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Notes from the Geek Out panel

Here are some notes from the Geek Out session administered by Robert Scoble, Will Pate and Kevin Marks: Sounds like they have some topics to discuss at first, followed by some good questions at the end. Kevin is talking about microformats, specifically tagging. We’re also getting a demo of the Blog Finder and Explore features… Reads more »

Notes on Everything Casting

Back from lunch (we went to Quizno’s in a nearby mall) and I am in Eric Rice’s session titled Everything Casting. Here are some notes: “everything”casting: doing whatever you want, for whatever reason, in whatever medium. your thing, your product, your “it”, your epsilon Four primary elements or categories: content/concept/purpose, medium/materials, audience/behavior, sustain/making money. Content:… Reads more »

Notes on The Changing Face of Journalism

Staying in the same room, where Mike Tippet, Mark Schneider, and Robert Ouimet are talking about the changing face of journalism. This probably going to be similar to what was talked about yesterday during Moosecamp. Here are some notes: We are experiencing an existential moment in the news. Readers can now make their own news,… Reads more »

Notes on The 7 Competencies of Online Interaction

I decided to switch rooms to check out Nancy White’s session on Snow White and the Seven Competencies of Online Interaction. Some notes: I’m also chatting live in the NV Back Channel. You can join if you want! Dickson just commented that he hates IRC…I guess he’s run into too many viruses! Our world is… Reads more »

Notes from Sifry on the Blogosphere

Dave Sifry and Tim Bray are on stage now, getting ready to do their presentation, apparently with no visuals! Sounds like they will be accepting questions from the crowd as well. Kind of a cool interview setup, Dave and Tim sitting on stage. How many people are bloggers? Everyone raises their hand. How many people… Reads more »

Notes on Why Stories are Essential

Julie Leung is up on stage now to present her keynote Starting with Fire: Why Stories are Essential and How to Blog Effective Tales. Julie always has an interesting presentation so this should be good. Just as she did at Gnomedex, Julie has started by sharing a story from her past, using pictures to illustrate… Reads more »

Notes on Leadership

Next up is Dave Sifry’s session on leadership and entrepreneurship (yep, he’s the founder of Technorati). Here are my notes: There’s a distinction between leadership and management! The latter is a function of the former. You’ve got to be a little insane to start a technology venture! You have to have passion. Dave: “I’ll never… Reads more »