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Cisco sues Apple over iPhone

I knew it was too good to be true. Turns out Apple did not manage to work out a deal with Cisco, who currently owns the “iPhone” trademark, and today they were sued by the network-equipment manufacturer: Cisco filed the lawsuit Wednesday seeking injunctive relief to prevent Apple from copying Cisco’s iPhone trademark. “We certainly… Reads more »

How could Zune’s software suck so badly?

Perhaps you’ve heard on the news recently that Microsoft’s new digital media player, the Zune, is hardly flying off the shelves. I guess that’s not too surprising given the early reviews the device has received. Now I know Microsoft is pretty good at hardware (Xbox, mice and keyboards, etc.) but they are still a software… Reads more »

Zune doesn’t hate podcasting after all?

It may be true that Microsoft’s upcoming Zune device doesn’t explicitly support podcasting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t copy a podcast episode to it yourself. In that sense, it’s a lot like any of the other Windows Media based devices out there. Until today, I was more worried that Microsoft and the Zune… Reads more »

Zune – it’s what I want for Christmas!

Microsoft officially launched the Zune today with a press release, and a bunch of photos. All of the specifications are pretty much what Engadget and others have been reporting for weeks, but the one big surprise is the color lineup: white, black, and brown. Yes brown. Engadget has some more details: They also finally let… Reads more »

Sony Reader comes to North America

In my pocket/mobile/portable computing post I suggested that mobile devices may be forced to exist only in niche markets. Here’s a great example of a niche market for portable computing – electronic reading devices. Specifically devices that do one thing and do it very well, and that’s replace a paper book with something digital. I… Reads more »