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Notes for 4/11/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Here’s a pretty cool video of a Microsoft Research project called “Manual Deskterity” that combines pen and touch computing. Another interesting video: What we can learn from a 2.5 year old using an iPad. And if you’re not stick of iPad articles yet, this one on the Steve Wozniak connection… Reads more »

Notes for 3/21/2010

Here are my weekly notes: YEG Swap was lots of fun! I’m sure the League of Extraordinary Media will be blogging about it, but you can check out my photos here. Lots of chatter about being fat this week in the VC/startup world. Not physically, but financially. I like this chart: Ad Spending By Media… Reads more »

Notes for 3/7/2010

Feeling very behind at the moment. Here are my weekly notes: Here are the top 25 technology predictions from futurist Dave Evans. Wired on Google’s algorithm and how it rules the web. This is a neat visualization: The Human Body as a Subway Map. Paula Simons on the Tim Horton’s immigrant ad that ran during… Reads more »

Notes for 3/1/2010

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, but I still made it out to Kananaskis this weekend for Reboot Alberta. Hopefully I didn’t get anyone else sick! I decided to just go to bed last night, so here are my weekly notes: The Winter Olympics wrapped up yesterday, and the big news is… Reads more »

Notes for 2/21/2010

Busy week ahead for me. Here are my weekly notes: I’m off to Reboot Alberta on Friday. Should be good, especially with the recent Renew-Alberta-Party merger. I really enjoyed this post from Dave Winer: What we don’t understand. Helps to put things back in perspective every now and again. As I mentioned, I was impressed… Reads more »

Notes for 2/15/2010

Hope you had a nice long weekend, celebrating Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Family Day! Here are my weekly notes: The opening ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on Friday night were pretty impressive! I’ve been enjoying some of the Olympics so far. Can’t wait for more hockey. Sharon and I went to… Reads more »

Notes for 2/8/2010

Didn’t get around to this yesterday, so here we go, my weekly notes Monday edition! I think my panel on Saturday with Karen and Colby at MacEwan’s Future of Story conference went very well. The rest of the conference was also really interesting, and gave me much to think about. From CBC: Arctic ice melting… Reads more »