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Reducing GST?

One of the big stories in Canada today was Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s pledge to reduce our GST from 7% to 5% if his party wins the election. The reduction would be 1% immediately, and another percent sometime within five years. Apparently, savings would be fairly good: Canadians would have $4.5 billion put back in… Reads more »

Funny Alberta Cheques

I came across this bit of satire today, entitled “Government of Canada to Issue ‘Screw You, Rest of Canada’ Cheques to Each Resident of the Province”. Needless to say, it made me laugh: Totally out of character, the Alberta Premier became testy when an insolent reporter from Upper Canada had the temerity to question him… Reads more »

Why the USA needs to cede control of the Internet

There is a potentially major split brewing over control of the Internet, and it has been coming for quite some time. Declan McCullagh has written a great article explaining the problem and what it could mean, so I suggest reading that for some background before you continue with this post. In a nutshell though, the… Reads more »

Blogs are Advertising in BC?

Darren Barefoot reports that Elections BC has decided that blogs are simply campaign advertising: “Under the Election Act, it will fall within the definition of election advertising, and we would ask them to register,” says Jennifer Miller, of Elections B.C. Miller says the volume of sites is overwhelming, and doesn’t rule out asking for a… Reads more »

Back to the polls?

Did you watch Prime Minister Paul Martin’s national address on prime-time television last Thursday night? No? Don’t feel bad, you’re probably in the majority. Martin thought that going on national television would be a good way to try and save himself and the Liberals some face in the wake of adscam (the last time a… Reads more »