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More on the trade

I just got the Edmonton Oilers Pipeline email regarding the trade, which includes comments from Kevin Lowe and Patrick LaForge. Lowe says: I want to be very clear that making this trade today is a hockey decision. It was not financial. I want everyone to know that our decision was much more to do with… Reads more »

NHL schedule change failed by one vote

Turns out the proposed NHL schedule change failed today, receiving 19 of 30 votes (a two-thirds majority would have been required for it to pass). Edmonton Oilers chairman Cal Nicols wasn’t happy with the decision: “The politics seem to always enter into it,” Nichols said after the meeting. “I think we should be more concerned… Reads more »

Penguins to add a little Canadian red?

Hockey season has started again! And what a great start it was, with Toronto losing 4-1 to the Senators. Edmonton’s first game is tomorrow night against the very red, very evil Calgary Flames. I can’t wait! Perhaps the biggest news of the day, however, is that RIM’s top executive Jim Balsillie has purchased the Pittsburgh… Reads more »

REVIEW: Game 2

It hasn’t been a great week for the Edmonton Oilers, who lost again to the Hurricanes tonight. Actually, they got slaughtered 5-0. Here are some thoughts on the game: Jussi Markkanen played goal for us tonight, and he did a good job. Even though he let in five goals, it was a product of the… Reads more »