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When should you release software?

When Dickson and I saw Google Talk the other day, an old discussion about when software should be released was renewed. The application was so basic and underwhelming that we couldn’t help but think they should have waited longer to release it. Usually Dickson thinks that software should be released when it’s more complete, whereas… Reads more »

Web Feeds or RSS?

Lots of discussion going on lately about whether or not Microsoft, and everyone else for that matter, should call RSS feeds “RSS” or “web feeds”. It all started with the first beta release of Internet Explorer 7, in which the term “web feeds” is used. Instead of delving into the complete history of this little… Reads more »

Tech Babe Asia

Ever see a beer commercial without a hot girl in it? It’s a rare occurrence indeed. So too is announcing a new gadget without booth babes! You know what I’m talking about right? The hot asian girls that show off the new gadgets at conferences, expos, and other excuses to have a booth with babes…. Reads more »

Calgary Tech

As you’re probably aware, I live in Edmonton, so I know all about the infamous and never-ending Battle of Alberta. And yes it totally sucked watching the Flames make it to the finals. While the battle between Edmonton and Calgary is usually thought of in terms of sports, I think it applies to other industries… Reads more »