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Notes on The Changing Face of Journalism

Staying in the same room, where Mike Tippet, Mark Schneider, and Robert Ouimet are talking about the changing face of journalism. This probably going to be similar to what was talked about yesterday during Moosecamp. Here are some notes: We are experiencing an existential moment in the news. Readers can now make their own news,… Reads more »

Opening Remarks

Darren Barefoot just started giving his opening remarks in the theatre here at UBC. Looks like there’s quite a few people who decided to sleep in this morning – lots of empty chairs in the room! This year the conference has a “kid’s room”; a place where parents can take their kids and self-organize to… Reads more »

Notes on Leadership

Next up is Dave Sifry’s session on leadership and entrepreneurship (yep, he’s the founder of Technorati). Here are my notes: There’s a distinction between leadership and management! The latter is a function of the former. You’ve got to be a little insane to start a technology venture! You have to have passion. Dave: “I’ll never… Reads more »


The next session I am attending is Kris Krug’s first Photocamp (I think there are related sessions), kind of a mini Moosecamp just for photography. Apparently northernvoice is among the most popular tags in Flickr for the week. This is an hour long session, followed by a photo walk to Stanley Park later tonight, so… Reads more »

Notes on Community

Bad news – something is wrong with Megan’s laptop. We took a quick look, and its either corrupt system files or some sort of hard drive failure. Too lazy to switch rooms, so we’re sticking around for the session in this room, which is all about community. So far it seems much more discussion oriented… Reads more »