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Off to Northern Voice!

We leave tonite for Vancouver where we’ll spend tomorrow at Moose Camp and Saturday at Northern Voice. Megan’s flight is a little earlier than mine and Dickson’s but that’s okay. I know I have mentioned this already, but I’m really looking forward to the conference – last year was great, so I have high expectations… Reads more »

California Trip Recap

Our trip this past weekend to California was definitely what I would call a “business trip” as we didn’t have much time to do anything vacation-like. After the expo was finished on Saturday, Dickson and I drove into Hollywood and Beverly Hills for some sightseeing. The drive also meant more time on the busy and… Reads more »

Still in Calgary

Well as some of you are aware, and as Dickson posted, we’re still in Calgary. I knew that leaving from Calgary instead of Edmonton would be a problem, and it turns out that we missed our flight, for a variety of reasons. After evaluating all of our options (because the later flight was booked solid,… Reads more »

Off to California

It used to be that an all-nighter was a rare event, something that only happened once in a while and only when absolutely necessary. Lately though it seems like every night is an all-nighter! Dickson and I have been working like crazy lately, but I think it will all be worth it. I guess we’ll… Reads more »