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Toronto Trip Day 2

Well the conference wrapped up today, and aside from that, we didn’t do too much. We wandered around this evening trying to find a Wendy’s (for the recently returned Bacon Mushroom Melt) but came up empty. We settled for McDonalds instead (no shortage of those), where Dickson finally learned that the McDeals are gone (have… Reads more »

In Toronto

We drove down to Toronto today after leaving Ottawa around 10 AM. We didn’t realize there was an extra drop charge on the car rental, but it still worked out to about the same or slightly cheaper than a flight. It didn’t take too long to get to the city, and the drive was actually… Reads more »

In Calgary Once Again

Seems we end up in Calgary for almost every trip we take (except for Northern Voice). Fortunately there is free wireless Internet here, so I am not complaining. Well, at least it makes the travelling a little better. This is our insane flight schedule: 9:00 PM – Depart Edmonton 9:45 PM – Arrive Calgary 12:32… Reads more »

Notes on Everything Casting

Back from lunch (we went to Quizno’s in a nearby mall) and I am in Eric Rice’s session titled Everything Casting. Here are some notes: “everything”casting: doing whatever you want, for whatever reason, in whatever medium. your thing, your product, your “it”, your epsilon Four primary elements or categories: content/concept/purpose, medium/materials, audience/behavior, sustain/making money. Content:… Reads more »