Notes for 1/8/2006

It’s been a busy week, that’s for sure. Last Sunday was of course New Years Day, bringing us into 2006, and I neglected to post any notes (actually I probably missed the week before that too!). Anyway, here are the first of 2006:

  • I returned from Inuvik on Monday night, and promptly went to Starbucks and then Denny’s. It was a good trip north for the holidays, nice to see my parents and get away from the city for a while. Here’s some pictures I took.
  • Google released a new product called Google Pack. Basically it’s a collection of “important” software that is updated regularly. Google has also been the subject of some interesting stock price gossip as of late.
  • I went to Kim & Mark Corie’s wedding reception last night! They look so great together, it was really beautiful. Megan took some pictures with her new digital camera. Congratulations Mark & Kim!
  • I wrote a guest post for Dave Lucas this week – check it out!
  • My brother arrived back in town on Thursday evening, and we went to the inaugural game for the Edmonton Rush, our new lacrosse team, on Friday night. It was great!
  • Kim arrived back in Edmonton tonight, and has an 8 AM class tomorrow morning – sucks! Speaking of class, I am registered for two so far, and I need to find a third (hopefully a night class).
  • Lots of really great Microsoft rumors lately! First there was Microsoft buying Yahoo, then there was Bill Clinton joining the company!
  • Tom, Sharon, Dickson and I went to the Edmonton Oilers Superskills competition today at Rexall Place. Only $5 for tickets and $2 for parking (unless you get ripped off like Dickson). It was really cool, we were four rows up from the ice. I never would have guessed it with guys like Bergeron and Stoll on the team, but Chris Pronger clocked the hardest shot at 102.9.
  • The coming week is back to school and really, back to work. I can’t believe we’re a week into January already!

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