Winter Term

Yesterday was officially the first day of classes for the winter term, but I scheduled all of my classes for Tuesday and Thursday, leaving MWF free for work. I’m again taking three courses – two Computing Sciences courses and an English course (that deals with computers and literacy). Not much to report I guess…seems that everytime I go “back to school” it’s more of the same, nothing changes. At least the end is in sight for me now!

UPDATE: Turns out I spoke too soon, or posted too soon in this case! I just got back from my night class, the English one, and I realized there are two changes this term. First, I know someone in every class. And not just recognizing a face, but actually having some history and being able to carry on a conversation. Second, this is the first term ever that I have not had to purchase any textbooks. And to clarify, because it’s quite common for me to just not purchase the textbooks, I mean there are no required textbooks of any sort! So there you go, change after all.

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