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Post ImageCBC has launched their updated podcasting initiative, with a broader array of content, an updated website, and regional podcasts. Tod Maffin explains:

It’s taken many months of planning, training, software development, and consultation — but I’m finally pleased to announce that CBC Radio is now making an unprecedented number of programs available for free download or subscription, including “best of” editions from THE CURRENT, DISPATCHES, DEFINITELY NOT THE OPERA, IDEAS, OUTFRONT, AS IT HAPPENS plus comprehensive highlight packages of regionally-based radio programs.

This is really great news for Canada and for CBC – I’m really happy that our national broadcaster is now one of the world’s leaders with regards to podcasting. You can check out all of the shows at the new website, http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/. If you’re in Alberta, you can subscribe to the new “Alberta This Week” show here.

Read: Tod Maffin

2 thoughts on “CBC Radio Podcasts

  1. Even better, you don’t have to be in Alberta to listen to it. One of the things I really enjoyed during the CBC lockout was that the picket line podcasts included personalities from parts of Canada you never hear from on the radio, because they’re usually in different regions.

  2. Very true, I guess I worded that incorrectly. I know I have a lot of Albertan readers, which is why I pointed out that particular feed.

    Of course, thanks to the net, we can hear voices from all over the place, like you mentioned. Rock on!

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