Toronto Trip Day 2

Well the conference wrapped up today, and aside from that, we didn’t do too much. We wandered around this evening trying to find a Wendy’s (for the recently returned Bacon Mushroom Melt) but came up empty. We settled for McDonalds instead (no shortage of those), where Dickson finally learned that the McDeals are gone (have been for weeks now!). We also watched more TV than we should have.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, and in the evening, Ashish is joining us for the broadway production of The Lord of The Rings. Unfortunately, the show is the same time as the Oiler game, so I will be following along on my cell phone. If it’s really close near the end, I’m planning to ditch the show to find a TV. I am quite confident the Oilers will take the series tomorrow night however. If you’re in Edmonton, get some pictures of the parade (starts at noon) for me!

I’m still pretty tired, so I think I’ll sleep in a little tomorrow. Certainly not getting up at 7 again (5 in Edmonton) if I don’t have to! Hopefully the weather is nice here tomorrow, I hear it’s going to be lovely in Edmonton! Though I suppose it could be worse, I could be in Inuvik where they got a little bit of every season today (yep, it snowed!).

6 thoughts on “Toronto Trip Day 2

  1. I think that I shall stay in Germany where they still have the meals and my subway stamps are still valid.

    Anything else I should be braced for before I come back? ha ha

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