More PS3 troubles for Sony

Post ImageYet more disappointment for fans of the Sony PS3. Just think about all the bad news we’ve seen so far: critics had a field day with the early controller, pricing for the console is rumored to be really high, and then there’s the whole Blu-Ray issue. And now? Delays:

Sony will delay the European launch of its PlayStation 3 game console by about four months to March and cut its target for worldwide shipments this year by half, the company said Wednesday.

Flagging potential problems with the PS3 launch, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities last month cut by half its shipment forecast to 3 million of the new PlayStations in the current business year to March, citing Sony’s difficulties in procuring its cutting-edge parts.

Is it just me, or does an Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii combination seem more appealing than ever?

Read: CNET

3 thoughts on “More PS3 troubles for Sony

  1. Sony needs to shut their mouths already. Every time they say anything about the PS3 it’s more bad news. They need to learn how to say as little as possible from now on.

  2. Nope, didn’t REALLY have class today as all they do is hand out the course outline.

    Good call Kevin, "the father of the playstation", aka Ken!, is going to develop a reputation of always delivering bad news if hes not careful.

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