Edmonton Public Library "Adventure" Ads

Post ImageIf you live in Edmonton, and listen to the radio occasionally, you may have heard the new ads for the Edmonton Public Library. If you haven’t, fear not, because I am going to summarize them anyway:

There are two young guys trying to skateboard, when one says to the other “I am not cut out for this.” The two are then faced with a problem – what to do? One guy suggests the adventure of a lifetime with dragons and all sorts of other things. The other guy thinks hes crazy. Then the first guy says all of it is possible at the public library. And the two go on their merry way, to slay dragons in their imaginations no doubt.

Now when I heard the commercial, I couldn’t help but laugh. No one I know gets all excited about taking an “adventure” to the public library. I get what they are saying, but I can’t see it working with young people. Maybe I’m just “too cool” but I think their marketing team took the wrong approach with the latest ads.

The goal is clearly to try and bring young people into the library. Instead of some hokey ad about an adventure, why not highlight the aspects of the library that appeal to young people? Things like public computers, excellent study and workspaces, a Second Cup built right in (for the downtown location at least), power outlets for your laptop, and wireless Internet (do they have this?). Okay so I can’t think of as many characteristics that would appeal to young people as I thought, but I am sure they are there. Thing is, I haven’t been to the library in so long, I don’t know what they are.

Do you agree with me? What else about the library would you highlight?

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7 thoughts on “Edmonton Public Library "Adventure" Ads

  1. They do have a decent selection of CDs. Although, the majority of them are so badly scratched that in most cases it’s not worth the effort to find them.

  2. Yeah, they have a decent selection of DVDs too, but I’ve never got one and judging by the care they give to the CDs I would imagine it’s the same with the DVDs.

  3. ATTN MACK!!!

    Addend this to the start of my reply:

    Yes, they have a good selection of Pop/Rock albums, as well as a fairly good collection of Jazz, Blues and Classical.

  4. The Edmonton Public Library: Hot chicks study here, oh and there’s books.


    The Edmonton Public Library "Please…someone come, we’ll even let you loiter…"

    that’s all they need to say haha.

  5. Silly commericials, everyone knows that adventure doesn’t happen in Edmonton.

    I think "FREE BOOKS" is pretty much the best selling point you can make. That and "search and request anything off our website, including CDs and DVDs, and we’ll deliver it to your nearest branch"

    They should play it up like those "Tag" commercials: the guy pulls "Atlas Shrugged" off the shelf, and is promptly jumped by a mob of females.

  6. Dude, the Whitemud Branch is often very busy around 4pm. They offer free internet (though I’m not sure about wireless), and it is cheap to take out books, not to mention DVDs and CDs. $12 for a whole year. (And that doesn’t even begin to cover the operating costs, but it does deflect some funding from taxpayers.) I LOVE the library; lots of good stuff to be discovered, as long as you’re willing to take the time to get up and GO there.

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