Notes for 10/22/2006

This week is going to be incredibly busy for me! I have two midterms and a trip to Vancouver, among other things.

  • Paramagnus has been selected to present at the 20th Angel Forum in Vancouver on Tuesday. There will be over 90 investors in attendance, and we have just 14 minutes for the presentation and questions. It should be interesting!
  • Interesting article about Microsoft and the new Computer Architecture Group.
  • Leesa Barnes has the best explanation for why the Starbucks podcast failed. She totally nails it.
  • It appears Wal-Mart is ready to start selling groceries here in Canada. We’re talking fresh produce and everything. Hopefully they show up out west too.
  • I didn’t really like the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks when it came out, but I think I have warmed up to it now. Of course, as soon as the Xmas drinks come out, I’ll stick to those!

Mini-Review: The Departed
I went to see The Departed last night with Megan and Sharon at South Common. While similar to Infernal Affairs, you can’t compare the two. Obviously they will be similar as they are based on the same screenplay, but they are made by different directors so they should be different too. I thought “Gangs of New York” was pretty good, but The Departed is far better. Probably Scorsese’s best work. The cast was excellent, but especially Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe a little long at two and half hours, but worth every minute. I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Notes for 10/22/2006

  1. I haven’t had the pumpkin spice latte in a long time, although I have been enjoying thier maple macchiatos immensely. What are their Christmas drinks again? Gingerbread latte and what else?

  2. They have the Eggnog Latte for sure and usually the Peppermint Mocha too…or maybe the peppermint is Second Cup…maybe Starbucks has a candycane one…not sure, but its one of them!

    I love the Eggnog Latte though 🙂

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