Wireless at Red Deer College

Post ImageMy sister and I came down to Red Deer last night to visit Tom. He’s on the Kings soccer team, so we figured we’d come down to watch his game today. Today is the second last game of the season, and I think it’s fair to say that the Kings are looking forward to the end. After placing third in the province last year, they haven’t done so well this year! You can see the current standings here.

The game isn’t until noon, but I came down to the college with Tom this morning anyway. I figured I’d do a little work so I came to the library which is where I am writing this post. I am connected to their public wireless Internet network, and I have to say, I am really impressed. The speeds are just amazing for a wireless network, and I haven’t had any connectivity issues whatsoever. That’s far more than I can say about the wireless network at the UofA (granted, it has far more traffic than the one here).

I was so impressed actually, that I ran a speed test at DSL Reports:

When you convert those numbers, it works out to roughly 227 KB/sec download, and 90 KB/sec upload. Not bad at all. I wish all wireless hotspots were this good!

Kim and I are heading back to Edmonton this evening.

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