Xbox 360 V2

Post ImageThink Microsoft has been resting on their laurels with the launches of the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3? Think again. According to Engadget they are working on a new version of the Xbox 360:

Ever wonder why Microsoft hasn’t released an HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, or whether the AV port was really capable of digital out? Well, here’s your answer: we landed pictures of what appears to be the second Xbox 360 — the Xbox 360 v2, if you will — codenamed Zephyr.

The new version apparently has a cooler 65nm processor, an HDMI port for 1080p, and a 120 GB hard drive. They might as well include an integrated HD-DVD player while they’re at it!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little perturbed when I first read this, but I realize that I sealed my own fate by purchasing my 360 the day it was released. And I don’t regret it. It makes perfect sense to update components as they improve (and it becomes cost effective to do so). The HDMI port would be nice to have, but I’d need a TV capable of 1080p for it to really make a difference. And I doubt I’ll be getting one of those anytime soon.

Bottom line: Zephyr (if it turns out to be real) is a minor update. Games on Zephyr will be identical to games on today’s Xbox 360, and that’s all that really matters.

UPDATE: Engadget links to some pictures and a video of the HDMI port and HANA scaler.

Read: Engadget

7 thoughts on “Xbox 360 V2

  1. Over xmas I watched Superman Returns at 1080p through HDMI on my PS3 into my a 47" 1080p LCD screen and wow – even the opening swooshy credits look superb. The 4 games I have can only go to 720p however – I suppose a 225% increase in buffer size could easily kill the framerate.

    I also just got my 360 dashboard running full res. (after the software update) using component cables and I’m about to try the HD-DVD drive. I can say that HDMI does look better than component for sure.

    My only concern about the 360 V2 specs you’ve mentioned is the processor. Will that be purely for less heat/power? If it can go faster it will be a game labelling nightmare if some games need the V2 hardware to run without stuttering.

  2. Everything I have read so far indicates that the processor change is purely for reduced heat/power. They may make it marginally faster (I believe this happened with the original Xbox too…later editions had faster processors) but not so much that games will require it.

    I’ve yet to actually see HDMI in action. Interesting that you thought it looked a lot better!

  3. Specifically with HDMI on PS3 there was zero ghosting – it was pixel perfect – vs. some subtle ghosting with component on 360 (which I couldn’t isolate to a specific component colour).

  4. My biggest question is WHEN?! Of course no body knows but I got the okay from the wife to get one and with this revision on the way, I am just going to wait. Wonder what will happen to the V1 price….

  5. I suspect nothing will happen to the V1 price. Retailers will simply switch to selling V2 as soon as their V1 stock runs out. I would expect V2 to launch at whatever price V1 is at.

  6. The thing that I am mostly interested in is that V2 supposedly will support the IPTV feature. I have Verizon FIOS and it does support IPTV which sounds great(HDTV,DVR,Interactive Program Guide,Multiple Picture In Picture…and more). Microsoft announced that it will be offering IPTV late 2007, can’t wait.

  7. If this does come out i’m most likely going to get it because right now i am splitting mine with my bro and i have no freedom with it so i would sell my half and buy this one freedom and i’m happy i have myjob because when i got v1 i didn’t have my job so it took some time to get the money at this pace i could have the money in one paycheck or two added with the 250 from my other half if this turns out to be true i’m gonna try to get one but if my bro gives me some freedom i’m gonna hope for a trade in

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