Election 2008 at Yahoo! News

Post ImageAs you probably know, I have been recording a weekly podcast covering the latest Hillary Clinton related headlines. I like doing it, because it gives me a chance to keep up on the news myself. I have found that gathering the stories takes a bit of effort though, so I was excited to see this from Yahoo:

At Yahoo! News, we’ve pulled together an über-site to help you engage in the 2008 campaign. In addition to the latest news videos, headlines, and political commentary, you’ll find dedicated pages for each candidate.

Beautiful – it’s almost exactly what I have been looking for! Here’s the page dedicated to Hillary Clinton. I’ll definitely be making use of this site on the weekend. Yahoo says they are going be adding even more stuff too, so it’ll only get better.

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4 thoughts on “Election 2008 at Yahoo! News

  1. Mack:

    Do you honestly believe that Hillary Clinton embodies the stature of individual required to lead the free world? I don’t disagree that she is compelling public figure, but what about her moral or ideological code makes her qualified to lead the common man?

    I am not being combative, but wonder if she possesses the leadership qualities and understanding to unite the World behind her?

    I for one would love to see a new leader, who embodies the spirit of the "regular" citizen. What about the scrapper and managment expertise of Rudy Guliani, or the inspirational Everyman that is Barack Obama?

    Do you know that is has been since 1976 since we have seen anyone other that a Bush or Clinton on the Presidential ticket? I think we need new fresh leadership, that feels a sincere obligation to the responsibilities of the Presidency, and not an insider who has had success in the political arena, but little outside of it.

  2. Chris,

    I think Hillary would make a great president – she is more than qualified to lead the common man. She is thoughtful, yet she can also be decisive when necessary.

    You say that Hillary is a compelling public figure. I could say the same about both Obama and Giuliani.

    Your point about the Clinton/Bush tickets since 1976 is one of the big reasons I hope Hillary wins. The U.S. (and indeed much of the world) did fairly well under Bill Clinton, and it is reasonable to expect Hillary’s time to be similar to his. But here’s the kicker:

    Do you really want to go from George W. Bush to someone who has so little experience, if any at all, at the federal/international level? I worry that if we go from extreme to extreme, the results could be very undesirable. Hillary is in a much better position to unite the world behind her (as you say) than Obama or Giuliani are. Or even than Edwards or McCain for that matter.

    The fact that she’s a woman is also very important. I think electing a woman (of any color) will have a much bigger impact (for the better) than electing a black man will.

  3. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this issue. Particularly on the topic of the Cintons. (Bill for being such a malfeasant, and Hillary for not telling him to go F*** himself).

    I would have a hard time watching her defend any principal based ground, particularly against the cultures that will already devalue her because of her gender. (Not my position, but the blunt reality of the modern war against islamic extremists.

    I think two of the greatest American presidents, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both faced some of the Worlds greatest international struggles (Cuban Missle Crisis and the Dismantling of Communism in Eastern Europe), and they both were startling winners of their election. I believe it’s because people want new, fresh ideas.

  4. There’s nothing with that, we can agree to disagree 🙂

    You know, by the time I was old enough to care, Clinton was President. I’ve really only lived through Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. And I can tell you that I’d much rather have Clinton than Bush.

    Can the Democrats beat the Republicans in 2008? I hope so. And I think Hillary will give them the best chance to do that.

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