Notes for 4/29/2007

It wasn’t planned, but it was kind of nice to take a break from blogging this past week (with the exception of my post on Wednesday of course). If you’re a blogger, it’s important to post frequently, but it’s also important to make sure you have the energy and desire to do so! I think I was lacking the energy a bit.

  • My Mom joined Facebook today, so both of my parents now have Facebook accounts. My friend Todd, who was a long-time holdout, also joined. For those of you who still don’t have an account…LAME! You’re increasingly in the minority. That said, I’m not advocating giving in to peer pressure, and I’d love to hear why you haven’t joined Facebook.
  • Kim made her delicious shrimp dip on Friday – it was excellent! Sharon and I made a margarhita pizza, which was also pretty yummy.
  • Looks like my prediction about the PS3 was dead on. The PS3 is doing so badly that it’s creator, Ken Kutaragi, is retiring.
  • Kryptonite is real – I knew it, haha!
  • It didn’t happen in 2006 like I thought it would, but Toyota is now officially the world’s largest automaker.
  • More Internet speed records were broken this week. Yawn…these sub-10 Gbps records are getting old…let’s see this new 100 Gbps network that is in the works!
  • What is Computer Science? This article does a fairly good job of explaining it.
  • I can’t believe it’ll be May 1st on Tuesday…time just flies! On the plus side, that means Spider-Man 3 will be here in no time.

6 thoughts on “Notes for 4/29/2007

  1. Who has time for Facebook. Keeping up with a Blog is work enough. I have a Myspace account but it i largely ignored, and add Facebook, Twitter, etc. How do you do it and stay sane…

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