Facebook Music Coming Soon

Post ImageI would say that Facebook is well on its way to becoming the definition of social networking. There are only a few more features it needs (like an API that can edit data), and of course there are a lot of features that would be nice to have. One such feature that I place in the latter category is music, and it’s coming soon:

It is being rumored that Facebook will be announcing an online music service on May 21st.

Facebook is supposedly lining up several partners from the music industry for their music service, which is sure to be a hit amongst Facebook users, and a rival to MySpace Music and Bebo Bands.

Sounds cool, so long as Facebook doesn’t screw it up. I hope the dev team is repeating this to themselves over and over:


Yes the capitals are required. If they allow music to be played on the site without my explicit permission, I’m going to blow a gasket.

Read: Mashable!

6 thoughts on “Facebook Music Coming Soon

  1. Well that would make a killer youtube video…

    Personally, I’m getting sick of hearing about music this and drm that. Isn’t there anything else to fill those human cycles? 😉 Oh yes, quotes on a coffe cup for those that simply find it too hard to just not read them – probably the same people that don’t know how change TV channels or press the off switch.

  2. Nothing annoys me more than going to a website and having it automatically play music. I think that if FaceBook adds it as an autoplay I won’t be spending much time there.

    As for the head exploding…you will have to let me know when you do it so that I can upload the video for you. 😉

  3. I agree that music should be played automatically. What’s embarassing is when you have your volume turned up and you are surfing in class and loud music just comes up and then the teacher *knows* you’re not paying attention.

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