Clever Marketing: Diamond Shreddies

Post ImageOn my way to the Stadium LRT parking lot I always pass a billboard…no surprise there, billboards are everywhere. Usually I just ignore it, because most billboard ads just don’t catch my eye after the first time I see them…again, no surprise. For the last few weeks though, I have laughed every single time I’ve seen this particular billboard. I finally took a couple photos today. The billboard is a bright gold and blue ad for “Diamond Shreddies”:

Recent advances in cereal technology have allowed us to take Shreddies cereal to a whole new level of geometric superiority. One taste and you’ll wonder how you’ve been so square for so long. Welcome to the 45th degree. Welcome to Diamond Shreddies country.

I love this campaign! Apparently they have TV commercials too (which I haven’t seen). I think it’s an incredibly creative way to spice up something familiar and old. Good job Kraft!

Read: Diamond Shreddies

9 thoughts on “Clever Marketing: Diamond Shreddies

  1. I think it’s hilarious too! If you go to and go to the announcements section, you’ll find a printable "diamond shreddies" label you can affix to your box of cereal.

    Have some people over and put the box on your breakfast table and laugh at other people’s morning confusion when they can’t figure it out.

    FYI: Kraft launched the commercials in Alberta a month or so ago but quickly pulled it as they wanted to release the campaign to the entire country all at once (to create a bigger buzz). Look for it come September.

  2. Truly interesting campaign.

    I was hoping that execution would be done right down to the store shelf – I went looking – alas none was found

    That is what they want – so I bought a box of shreddies.

  3. should toss in a few red shreddies just to see if we would eat the red ones last just as stupid as diamond shreddies. they must think the buying public aint to bright

  4. There seems to be alot of people out there wondering how to turn a square into a diamond- are you smarter than a fifth grader?

  5. I think this is the dumbest ad campaign I have ever seen. Do they really think people are that stupid? Or is it supposed to be funny? Because it doesn’t make me laugh, I look at those billboards and shake my head.

  6. Pure Genius! They even have someone selling “the last of the square Shreddies” on Ebay! This campaign trascends advertising; it makes Shreddies part of today’s culture. Brillant!

  7. Another great campaign by a team led by Tim Piper, Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk – of Dove Evolution and Onslaught! Great Job!

  8. Can you believe that there are actualy people idiotic enough to think that the company is actualy trying to trick them into thinking they changed?? You see people on other forums trying to convince people that they are just squares at 45 degrees. Wow. congratz, you are soo smart, did you learn that in grade 3?? Wow people take it easy, its a joke!!!
    “I think this is the dumbest ad campaign I have ever seen. Do they really think people are that stupid?”
    It’s people like you that cereal companys that add tons of sugar and food colouring in cereals target. No wonder 1/2 of america is overweight, you would eat s*** if it had a good advertisment and food colouring in it 😐

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