Did you have problems with Telus Mobility last night?

I just got off the phone with a client service representative at Telus Mobility. The good news is that their support service is still fast and effective, as I mentioned back in May. The bad news is that the Telus network doesn’t seem incredibly stable.

Around 9 PM last night, my phone stopped working. I couldn’t make or receive any calls, nor could I send or receive text messages. Every attempt was greeted with an annoying “beep beep beep” and text messages just disappeared into the unknown. I was kind of lost without my phone, and I mentioned to Megan that I should almost buy a backup pay-as-you-go phone on another network for precisely this type of thing. She just laughed!

Calls started working again around midnight, but text messaging still was not working this morning. Hence the call to Telus. The service representative asked a bunch of questions, and by the way I was answering, I think she got the hint and asked if this had happened before. I said yes, unfortunately, and asked her to send the clearing message. She did, and also said she was going to “do a reset” which means I have to turn my phone off for twenty minutes. Stange, I know. Hopefully it works.

I wasn’t the only one with problems it seems:

I’d like to know what happened, and if it was limited to just Edmonton and area or whether it was more widespread. Too bad they suck at communicating that sort of thing. Telus needs a blog!

3 thoughts on “Did you have problems with Telus Mobility last night?

  1. I’m having big issues in Halifax, NS tonight. I’m trying to text message my girlfriend who is in Ann Arbor, MI – and since 8 PM, she’s been scared and worried because of my “not texting” and I’ve been worried because she hasn’t been – but a third party, a friend of mine currently in Texas, has received forwarded messages from her and cannot receive texts from me.

    What this means is that there is some kind of “void” where her messages are disappearing before reaching my phone, and mine are disappearing before reaching hers. My phone reads “Sent 01/01” on each text but they never reach their destination.

    I currently have 20 days remaining on unlimited texting, and am on a pay as you go system. This is a massive inconvenience and has my girlfriend pissed off at me – since we can now only communicate through a third party until I either call her cell on my main phone and rack up a huge phone bill at 12:30 AM, or get ahold of Telus.

  2. Stephan if you were getting an error sending, than the issue would be on your end, if you can send yourself a txt msg, and rec. it, it isn’t your phone. The issue maybe her phone, have her send herself a txt msg, see if she receives it.

  3. How many person paid $20-30 extra on a monthly bill for { unwanted }text message coming from advertising or who know from where.
    It’s about $300-400 a year by person.
    Do you afford it ?
    I do not believe ,they can NOT fix it.
    Do you remember calling monthly ,to take it of from your bill?
    I’m not.
    IS ANYBODY KNOW ANY SoLUTION???{except changing from TELUS????}

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