What have I been up to

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (thanks!) you’ve likely noticed that I haven’t been posting as frequently as usual lately. It’s not that I have nothing to post – quite the opposite in fact! It’s just that I have been taking some time to adjust to a new schedule. And I’ve been busier than normal too.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Awake around 7:30 am every morning, at Starbucks by 9:00 am. I have a Grande mild, no cream or sugar, in my own stainless steel travel mug. Interestingly, the price is never the same. Some baristas charge the correct price (Grande minus a discount for the personal mug), some charge for the smaller size, and some charge for a normal Grande (no discount). I never correct them, so I guess it all balances out.
  • Work! Lots of Paramagnus stuff going on lately, including some new improvements to the distribution engine that powers Podcast Spot. Various other projects too. I’d like to do more coding than I have been though.
  • Posting elsewhere! I’ve continued to post on and off at WindowsMediaBlog.com, and I am still writing at last100 too. My latest feature there, on Amazon.com and the digital living room, went live today. Feature posts take quite a bit more time and effort to write, but they are much more rewarding too.
  • Preparing to move this weekend. I’ve been house-sitting for friends since last August while they were living abroad. They’re back on Monday, so I need to get the house back to the way it was when they left!
  • Twittering! I’m addicted (you can find me here). And I have started to use Twitter for work too. I wrote a bot that I can send direct messages to and it will respond with the information I have requested. For example, I can send it the command “!stats” and it will reply with the number of podcasts and episodes at Podcast Spot. My bot is pretty basic right now, but I can see hundreds of ways to improve it.
  • Random other things. Went for dinner a few times with Grandma and Helen (relative from Australia…she’s visiting Mom and Dad now). Drove Tom to the airport yesterday morning – he too went to visit the parental units (as he and Kim used to say) up in Yellowknife. Fixed Megan’s laptop, which involved installing a new hard drive. Been to Chicken For Lunch a few times – Amy calls me a “good boy” heh. Random movies and other dinners.

So that’s my update. After this weekend I think I’ll be a bit more settled, and normal blogging will resume. I haven’t even been reading that much lately…good thing the really important stuff comes via Twitter!

One thought on “What have I been up to

  1. Hey, hope your move goes well, and I’m sorry I’m not there to help you as you have helped me every time i’ve had to move! Good luck and feel free to use my car if it helps:) It has more room:)

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