Notes for 8/5/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • I went to the Edmonton Heritage Festival today. It was quite hot out, especially since I was wearing jeans and shoes instead of shorts and sandals (I left the house quite early, and it was a tad chilly out). I didn’t have any crazy food, but I did buy a hat from the Chinese pavilion that makes me look like a rice farmer (how the heck did my shirt get so wrinkly? I am looking at it now and it’s fine!).
  • Fake Steve Jobs has been busted! Turns out it’s Daniel Lyons, a writer for Forbes.
  • The Royal Alexandra Hospital here in Edmonton (the hospital where I was born) made Engadget today! Apparently they are testing some surgical robots. Hardcore.
  • Interesting read about Microsoft doing business in China.
  • I’ve been showing off the Remember the Milk application lately. I really like the user interface, especially the “undo” capabilities. Really impressive!
  • I have been procrastinating about moving, which isn’t surprising I guess. I have my work cut out for me tomorrow.

One thought on “Notes for 8/5/2007

  1. Your hat is the best thing I’ve seen in a while! You should make that your profile picture on facebook, its rather hiliarious! Hope the move went okay!

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