Notes for 4/20/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Sharon and I went to the New York Bagel Cafe today for brunch. Food was good, but the wait was impossibly long. And I was extra annoyed by the signs and messages that remind you to be patient.
  • Starbucks splash sticks are quite possibly the dumbest idea ever. Wasteful and entirely unnecessary.
  • Here’s a neat trick for Outlook users – a safety net for the Send button. You can delay sending for a period of time, so that you can fix errors or accidental disclosures!
  • More proof that Blockbuster has lost its way…they made an offer this week for Circuit City. No one knows where they’re going to get the money though!
  • How Twitter saved one man’s cell phone.
  • Speaking of Twitter, it looks like the Edmonton Tweetup is going to be on May 10th at noon, downtown at Three Bananas. Hope you can join us!
  • The story of the week has got to be the weather. We went from spring looking like summer right back to winter again. I can’t believe how much snow there is! Totally sucks.

3 thoughts on “Notes for 4/20/2008

  1. Re: NY Bagel Cafe – The wait is always painfully long. I don’t mind waiting for good food—if I go to a sit down restaurant, I’m not expecting fast food—but NY Bagel takes far too long. I don’t see how it can possibly take 20 minutes to prepare a couple of bagels. The food is good, but not necessarily worth the wait.

    Re: Splash sticks – I truly don’t understand the supposed necessity for these things. I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with my coffee spilling all over my car and/or myself while drinking coffee from the type of lid that Starbucks uses. I don’t understand why there is a perceived need for these ridiculous splash sticks.

  2. The other thing about NY Bagel Cafe is that it’s not cheap. We had to laugh about the fact that the menu lists “glass of ice” for 30 cents. They also don’t have just plain old coffee, forcing you to purchase a more expensive brew.

  3. Yeah, it is a bit pricey. The prices don’t bother me too much, because it is good quality food—once it finally arrives at your table—but you’re right about the cost of “extras.” I mean, who charges for ice?

    It’s also a bit silly that they don’t have regular coffee. I admit that I prefer an Americano to a regular coffee, but sometimes I just don’t want to pay the extra price for the espresso.

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