My Last Supper

They do great work, but I am never happy when I have to go see a doctor or dentist. I’ve never really had a bad experience or anything, I just prefer to avoid medical clinics. Maybe I don’t like the idea that there’s something wrong with me. Anyway, tomorrow I am going to get my wisdom teeth out. I’m hoping to recover very quickly, but I know I’ll most likely be without solid food for a few days.

So Sharon came over tonight to help with my “last” supper:

"the kitchen sink" scrambleBanana Muffins

She calls it “the kitchen sink scramble,” because we basically put all the leftovers from the fridge in a skillet with some egg and cooked it. For dessert (okay okay, and as an appetizer) we had banana muffins. Yum!

I think what I’m most worried about is caffeine withdrawal. I probably won’t be allowed to drink Coke Zero or coffee or tea or anything like that. Withdrawal shakes and headaches, here I come!

5 thoughts on “My Last Supper

  1. Have you got your straws ready? Good luck not that you’ll need it because it will be one fight you will know you lost on. Seriously you’ll be fine!!

  2. Ah wisdom teeth…..good times indeed. You’ll either be a chopmunk, or end up like me with no swelling and bruising. it was actually rather pleasant.

  3. Get some caffeine pills and break them open into a milkshake or glass of water (or whatever form of liquid food you’ll be eating). That should solve the caffeine withdrawal. Although, really, as much as this isn’t helpful, the pain from the teeth will probably be enough that you don’t even notice your withdrawal.

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