Making an effort to use sleep mode

sleep mode Events like Earth Hour raise awareness about our “planet in peril”, but as I’ve said in the past, they don’t have a positive impact on the environment. You need to do the little things to truly make a difference. I try to do my part. I always take a stainless steel mug to Starbucks in the morning, for example. There’s always room for improvement though.

For a little over a week now, I’ve been trying to break one of my worst habits. I don’t know how it started, but I’m one of those people that never turns the computer off when I’m not using it. For some reason I just got into the habit of always leaving it running. Laptops are a different story, because you shut the lid and it goes to sleep, but I’ve always left my desktop on for some reason. I’ve always had it configured to turn the monitors off after a while, but never the computer itself.

I guess I like having the computer immediately available when I want to use it. Really though, waking up from sleep mode doesn’t take very long at all. Slightly longer on my desktop than on either of my laptops, but still not bad.

I’ve been really good about using sleep mode for a week now, and I think I can keep it up. I’m going to kick my “leave the computer on” habit for good.

4 thoughts on “Making an effort to use sleep mode

  1. “You need to do the little things to truly make a difference.”

    I’d disagree. If all consumers did the little things it would barely make a dent in energy use.

    Energy use and disposal/emissions are two seperate issues. Disposal has even less societal pressure but could have an even bigger impact long term because it doesn’t end – at least we can get to renewable and free energy sources.

    I’ve started to do my party with disposal such that I look for products with less packaging, am switching to Brita instead of water bottles and thinking of going with the re-usable plastic tubs at the grocery store, instead of plastic bags.

    I have a hybrid vehicle (which is also a SULEV), and as soon as pluggin hybrids are available mainstream I’ll get one along with a solar panel-battery combo for my garage and have free transport fuel! I predict 50%+ of the western world will be doing this in 10 years.

    Low power consumption will happen as appliances are churned and appliance consumption is regulated.

    This whole fuel price issue right now will make hybrid/electric vehicles happen because people are lazy, but money issues make things happen.

    Not my best argument editing there, but I’ve just found out that my network adapter on my 360 is buggered so I’ve not got the patience to edit 😦

  2. That sucks about the 360 network adapter!

    I make no distinction between energy use and disposal when I talk about the little things. I would define most of the things you mentioned as doing the little things – less packaging, Brita, etc.

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