Notes for 6/1/2008

I’d say my mouth is almost completely back to normal, so I’m finally done with my wisdom teeth. That makes me happy! Here are weekly notes:

  • I installed the wptouch plugin today, which makes my blog look pretty darn sweet on an iPhone or iPod touch. Dead simple to use, just install it and you’re done.
  • Another new feature for my favorite travel site, TripIt. They now have profiles and show you travel statistics (such as how far you travelled).
  • Is using its facial recognition technology to serve up targeted Facebook ads? Sure looks like it. I think it’s both creepy and cool at the same time.
  • According to a secret NHL report, the six Canadian teams account for 31% of the league’s total ticket revenues. Aside from the Canadian teams, only the Rangers, Wild, Avalanche, Red Wings, and Flyers make $1 million or more per game in ticket revenue. See the PDF for details.
  • Here’s an article on podcasting from Grip Magazine that I was interviewed for. Grip is written by youth for youth.
  • Has the Phoenix rover found ice on Mars? Follow the mission on Twitter!
  • Wondering what there is to do in Edmonton this month? Check out this list of events from Sharon.
  • Here’s a NYTimes piece on coffee tastings. Sharon and I have been planning to attend one at Transcend Coffee for months now.
  • You’ve probably already noticed this, but Google updated their favicon this week (the little icon that appears in your browser when you visit a Google page). Do you like it? I didn’t at first, but the new one is growing on me.

Short week for me this week. On Friday I’m heading to Banff for the weekend to cover the nextMEDIA conference for Techvibes. Should be fun!

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