Notes for 11/2/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • I did another guest review on Sharon’s blog, this time of Devlin’s.
  • The controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) turned ten years old this week. Hard to believe it has been so long already.
  • Earlier this week, many websites published news that Apple had rejected Opera Mini from the iPhone AppStore, apparently for competitive reasons. Turns out the truth is quite a bit different and more interesting than that.
  • As a huge fan of the show, Sharon has been telling me about this for a quite a while: the parallels between the final two seasons of The West Wing and the current election are uncanny. Or maybe deliberate, depending on how you look at it. Let’s hope the result is the same also.
  • Two major OpenID announcements were made this week. Windows Live is now an OpenID provider, as is Google.
  • FriendFeed launched a new feature that I really don’t like – the ability to share your FriendFeed activity on Twitter.
  • Lewis Hamilton became the youngest ever Formula 1 world champion this morning in an incredibly dramatic race. It literally came down to the last ten seconds of the season. Massa won the race and was so close to making the upset happen, but Glock inexplicably lost 18 seconds on the last lap which enabled Hamilton to pass him to secure the necessary points. Ferrari won the constructor’s championship.
  • I can’t believe how close we are to the end of the US election (well, assuming we don’t have a repeat of 2000). If you’re an American reading this, please vote for Obama!

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