New Business Cards

For most of 2008, I didn’t carry any business cards with me. It was sort of an unofficial experiment to see if I could simply say “Google me” when asked for one. Of course, it wasn’t a very good experiment because I have no way to measure how successful it was. I did get the impression that people like something physical however, so I decided I’d once again carry cards in 2009. I now have three:

New Business Cards

I received both the Techvibes and Questionmark cards in December/January. There are times when I am specifically representing one or the other, so they’re good to have.

I just picked up my third card, pictured front and back on the right side, this week. It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but the front is white and the back is a light grey. What I tried to do with the design was make it as “webby” as possible:

  • MasterMaq is in big letters and matches the header of my site. Hopefully people just type it into Google, click to my website, and see right away that they’ve arrived at the correct place.
  • There is no phone number because I prefer email. If someone really wants to call me, they can find my number on my website.
  • There’s a nice big tag cloud on the back with the words I hope people associate with me. My thinking is that if someone is looking at the card, wondering where they met me, the tag cloud will jog their memory.
  • The tag cloud also serves as a quick way for people to discover other things I’m up to. Plus I think it looks cool.

So far I’m pretty happy with the card. I’m bringing a stack to Northern Voice with me this weekend, so I’ll update this post if I get any comments one way or the other. For the designers reading this, I used the Philly Sans typeface for “MasterMaq” and everything else is Helvetica.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “New Business Cards

  1. Hey Mack!

    Sometimes the “analog” tried and true works – Cards look great. I too have a number of cards depending on who I’m representing.

    the only thing I might have included would have been a tag line on your mastermaq card.

    Too bad I can’t be there.


    Gadget Greg Gazin

  2. What–You had cards and we didn’t swap? LOL! I did the same thing as you last year. I figured, I own my name as domains. Just google me! But there is something to be said for the good old fashioned calling card.

    I like the idea of the tag cloud on the back. I’m thinking I’ll use a Wordle on my next batch.

    I’ve also created some Microsoft mobile tags for users to automatically download my vcard, visit my website, or anything else that pops into my head.

    Cheers. Keep in touch.


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