Notes for 3/8/2009

Here are my weekly notes:

  • I really dislike DST. This whole time change thing has got me screwed up again.
  • IDEAfest yesterday was great. I’ll be posting my slides soon (just wanted to add some stuff to the end). Chris LaBossiere wrote a great post on social networking, inspired by the event.
  • Skittles ran an interesting marketing experience this past week. They made the homepage of their site a search for “skittles” on Twitter. People quickly took advantage of that, posting all sorts of things, which forced the company to change from Twitter Search to Facebook.
  • Darren wrote about a service called ZinePal – it lets you print your blog. Actually looks kind of neat.
  • Really looking forward to the end of the week – Sharon and I are off to Calgary for the weekend for Dine Out Calgary. We’ll be back Sunday evening to see Bill Maher at the River Cree Casino!

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