Twitter 101

On Saturday at IDEAfest, I gave a short presentation on Twitter. I wasn’t sure who would be in the audience, so I decided to do some very introductory slides. Some of the content was based on a post I wrote back in November – suggestions for getting started with Twitter. I’d still recommend looking at that post as it has more detail than the presentation on some points.

Here are the slides for my “Twitter 101” talk:

You can download the presentation in PDF here.

If you have any feedback, let me know! Thanks to everyone who came out to my talk.

  • Follow Breaking News is great… but what about telling the people they can follow Local news as well?

  • Mack, thanks for doing this, but the presentation or PDF don’t seem to be working for me.

    Might be your Amazon service?

  • Try again Chris…SlideShare was down for maintenance today. The download link should be working at least!

    Good call Brit…I’ll add that in when I update them.