Notes for 6/1/2009

Today was my first full day in London, UK. Weather was great, and I thought it was a productive day in terms of work. I’m here until the 11th. Here are my weekly notes:

  • One of the coolest things about Heathrow is seeing all the different types of airlines. Every plane seems to have a different logo and paint job. It was particularly interesting to see so many planes with the F1 logo, though the British Grand Prix isn’t until June 21st.
  • I completely agree with these comments on Flickr’s current UI/implementation for Creative Commons. It could be much better.
  • This was announced earlier in May, but I only recently had a chance to look at it – AWS Import/Export. Basically you can now send hard drives full of data to Amazon and they’ll upload them to S3. Very cool.
  • The product I’ve been working on at Questionmark was recently released: Introducing Questionmark Live.
  • Apparently the number of homeless people with laptops is on the rise. I guess I’m not entirely surprised at that, considering my experience at Homeless Connect (almost everyone was familiar with Facebook).
  • Bing is now live. TechCrunch notes that Bing 411 also launched.
  • As you’ve no doubt heard by now, General Motors filed for bankruptcy protection.

Fish & Chips & Beer

Fish & Chips, and Beer in London tonight. Oh yes.

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