The Last 24 Hours on Twitter: Storm in Edmonton

We’ve been dealing with a pretty massive storm here in Edmonton for the last 24 hours or so (Edmonton Journal, iNews880). At one point last night, every fire hall in the city was dealing with some kind of storm-related issue. Epcor has been taxed dealing with power outages, and I’ve heard nothing but sirens downtown.

As expected, many Edmontonians turned to Twitter to communicate about the storm. At one point last night, #yeg was the 6th most talked about item on all of Twitter. I was aggregating tweets together on a livestream that you can look at here.

Here’s what the last 24 hours looks like for local Twitter users:

Since noon yesterday, there have been just under 8000 tweets posted by local users, most of them with the #yeg hashtag. Other popular tags include #yegweather and #yegstorm.

Storm in EdmontonStorm in Edmonton

There have been dozens of photos and videos posted online too. The two above are a couple that I took last night before things got really crazy. The two most popular TwitPic’d photos from last night were:

Lots of cleanup happening around the city today, though the wind and rain are still quite intense at times. I’ll have more on this tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “The Last 24 Hours on Twitter: Storm in Edmonton

  1. Down here, something like that is called Tuesday. We had a massive storm last night too and the power went out as well. Difference is, it’s a regular occurrence here so the power company usually doesn’t have to deal with a large influx of calls. Epcor should take notes: If you make the power more unreliable, people will just start complaining amongst themselves rather than to the company.

  2. I got some video from the Taste of Edmonton festival when the storm hit. Cleared the place out in about two minutes flat!

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