State of the Edmonton Twittersphere – July 2009

Welcome to the seventh State of the Edmonton Twittersphere, my look at the intersection of Twitter and Edmonton. You can see last month’s stats here.

The source of the data this month has changed, slightly. In addition to Twitter Search, I added more data directly from Twitter itself. A total of 19,199 tweets were pulled from user timelines directly because they did not exist in Twitter Search.

User identification remains the same. If a user has his or her location set to Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, or matching lat/long coordinates, they are considered an Edmontonian.

For July 2009:

# of local users: 5133 (an increase of 1491 from June)

To clarify, that means there were 5133 users who posted at least one tweet in July 2009 with their location set to something that makes them an Edmontonian as described above. This number should be treated as a minimum – there are probably many more Edmonton users without their location set.

I’m happy with my previous stats posts existing as point-in-time snapshots. That said, I am continually improving my data set, making it more accurate over time. I am still happy with the numbers I posted for January through May – they are reasonably accurate (within about 100 users). The number I posted for June however, 3642 users, is not accurate. It was actually 4581, which means this month actually increased by 552 users (however I left the 1491 above for consistency).

Here’s a graph to illustrate local user growth in 2009:

Here are the rest of the stats for July 2009:

# of tweets by local users: 210162
# of tweets by local users containing #yeg: 12879 (6.1%)
# of tweets by local users that were replies: 73119 (34.8%)
# of tweets by local users containing links: 43702 (20.8%)
# of tweets by local users that were retweets: 8393 (4.0%)
# of tweets by local users that were twooshes: 7185 (3.4%)

Once again, the number of tweets containing #yeg actually includes all local hashtags, such as #yegtransit or #yegfood (though most often they are used together anyway).

Here are the numbers above in graphic form (not corrected for June):

Here are the top clients used by local users for posting updates. You’ll notice that API is now identified separately from web:

Some other interesting stats for the month:

Finally, here are the top ten users in Edmonton by followers (most followers first): Pat_Lorna, revtrev, DrBarryLycka, LesM, subunit1, garrymullen, redneckmommy, mastermaq, NHL_Oilers, dan_cote.


Looks like we’re getting some growth again, which is a little surprising considering it’s the summer. A couple of things helped to boost July’s stats, including the City Centre Airport issue and the big summer storms. I counted 1464 tweets posted by local users with the #ecca hashtag in July, and I already posted some stats on the storm here. Additionally, July 8th (which is when the Council meeting on the airport was held) was the second busiest day of the month.

Since January, I have identified just over 9200 local users. The number above, 5133, is how many of them were active in July.

I’ll post the Calgary stats as soon as I can – still some manual processing to do, so it might be next week before I get it all finished.

10 thoughts on “State of the Edmonton Twittersphere – July 2009

  1. I really don’t think you should include @sspidey as one of the most active local users… it’s just a bot tweeting iPhone locations, near as I can tell… 😉

  2. I know…he does have a few real updates though too, so there is a person behind it! But yes, most updates are just from a bot.

    That said, I’m next on the most active list, and I didn’t think I needed to be mentioned again 😉

  3. Perhaps you may want to mention that your data set *may* be skewed due to those users who have their tweets set to private. These users would appear if you searched for users based on geography, but their tweets don’t appear in any of the public streams.

    Unless, of course, the following comment is meant to cover that off:

    “A total of 19,199 tweets were pulled from user timelines directly because they did not exist in Twitter Search.”

  4. sspidey and donutsmile both seem like bots. I would rather see Mack’s name on the list. 😉

    Thanks again Mack, these are a definite highlight of my month!

  5. Neat little snapshot of the Twitter landscape in Edmonton. Would love to see some more stats specific to outlying cities like St. Albert, Sherwood Park, etc. I don’t mind that they’re included as part of Edmonton for general purposes, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them broken out a bit more, i.e. how many times the #stalbert hashtag was used in the month.

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