Miss dEdmonton 2009

Last night, on October 13th, the first ever Miss dEdmonton was crowned at the TransAlta Arts Barns. About 65 people were on hand to see Joey Tramer beat out four other finalists in a four-stage competition to claim the title. She won some great prizes and will be the face of dEdmonton for the next year!

The first stage of the competition was for all contestants to submit a 90 second video to YouTube. Here’s Joey’s:

Stage two was to demonstrate a “spooky skill” in front of the crowd. In the third stage, each contestant described what Halloween meant to her, and answered one question drawn from a skull. The final stage saw Brandy Jo Ewashko (you can see her video here) and Joey Tramer go head-to-head in a “scream-off”. It was quite the show! In the end, both the crowd and the judges felt Joey had what it took to be Miss dEdmonton.

Miss dEdmontonMiss dEdmonton

The judges were Shaw TV’s Angelika Gawronski, the Edmonton Journal’s Scott McKeen, and The Gateway’s Mike Kendrick. I thought they did a great job of providing short, witty comments throughout the evening, and seemed to enjoy raising their score cards for all to see (scores ranged from 1 to 6, making a perfect score 6-6-6).

Miss dEdmonton JudgesdEdmonton Co-Chairs

Kudos to dEdmonton Co-Chairs Darryl Plunkie and Christian Nelson and their team for a great event! Some friendly advice for next year: add some music or shorten the program, because at times the evening seemed a bit slow. Other than that I thought it was great, complete with three hearses parked outside, some sort of jelly brain dip and many other decorations inside!

Congrats to all of the Miss dEdmonton finalists, and especially to Joey!

Here are the rest of my photos from the evening. You can follow dEdmonton on Twitter for updates and be sure to check out the Events Calendar for all the Halloween events taking place over the next few weeks. Both DEDfest and the Scarecrow Festival are taking place this weekend. Get out and enjoy the first ever dEdmonton – Canada’s Halloween Festival!

6 thoughts on “Miss dEdmonton 2009

  1. Thanks Mack.

    The first half would have been a bit more peppy if we’d had our slides working. Music is definitely a good idea for next year though.

    Any other suggestions/comments/criticisms?

  2. My only other criticism would be the lighting – it was very dark in there! I guess that goes with the theme though, just makes photos a little more challenging (next year I’ll bring my DSLR instead of point-and-shoot).

  3. Mack, thanks for you comments – we had some technical difficulties that left things a little dry in spots…but just like our parade event, we learned things – both what to do, and what not to do. The next question, will YOU be Mr. dEdmonton next year?

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