State of the Winnipeg Twittersphere – January 2010

Welcome to the first State of the Winnipeg Twittersphere, my look at the intersection of Twitter and Winnipeg, MB.

For information on the data, definitions, and other background, click here.

For January 2010:

# of local users: 4107
# of tweets by local users: 211554
# of tweets by local users containing #winnipeg/#ywg: 1958 (0.9%)
# of tweets by local users that were replies: 73028 (34.5%)
# of tweets by local users containing links: 53271 (25.2%)
# of tweets by local users that were retweets: 13894 (6.6%)
# of tweets by local users that were twooshes: 7024 (3.3%)

Here are the numbers above in graphic form:

Here are the top clients used by local users for posting updates:

Some other interesting stats for the month:

  • Just under 48% of all local tweets were posted between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • Local users posted roughly 4.8 tweets per minute in January.
  • The day with the most local tweets posted was January 25 at 8408. On average, 6824 local tweets were posted each day.
  • Of the 73028 replies posted by local users this month, 13608 or 18.6% were to other local users.
  • A total of 831 users posted 50 times or more in January. In comparison, 558 users posted just once.

Here are the top ten most followed local users:

  1. 333AutismNews
  2. LordBieber
  3. ColemanMichael
  4. crackberrykevin
  5. Dr_BobsEmporium
  6. PetLvr
  7. WayneHurlbert
  8. MarloBoux
  9. randypenner
  10. George_Williams

Here are the top ten most listed local users:

  1. crackberrykevin
  2. LordBieber
  3. soulpoetrysite
  4. 333AutismNews
  5. Petiethecat
  6. lyndseo
  7. neuroaster
  8. davidzinger
  9. theweakerthans
  10. ManitobaMuseum

Here are the top ten most active local users:

  1. Damiqua2
  2. MerissaLeanne
  3. sanchez_xo
  4. Petiethecat
  5. BieberIsABabe
  6. CarebearJNK_DEW
  7. neuroaster
  8. 333AutismNews
  9. fpbowen
  10. iluvjoshramsay

Final Thoughts

It turns out users in Winnipeg do not use the airport code hashtag that many other Canadian cities have adopted! I recorded just 7 tweets by local users tagged with #ywg in January (interestingly, Edmontonians mentioned #ywg 20 times in January). Even #winnipeg isn’t that popular, with just 1951 tweets. In addition to the lack of hashtagging, Winnipeg users don’t seem to reply to one another as much as other cities do.

Now that we have the data, it would be interesting to dig deeper to find out why a community like Winnipeg doesn’t get as organized online as some others. I’ll continue tracking (and improving my tracking).

7 thoughts on “State of the Winnipeg Twittersphere – January 2010

  1. This is really interesting! As for the last comment about Winnipeg not being organized online–I’d totally agree. I, along with @anomalei, attempted to organize a Twestival to raise funds for Siloam Mission last fall. It was extremely tough and more of a lesson in educating than a real fundraiser. The city is definitely a Facebook crowd, but once again for the purpose of socializing as opposed to innovating!

  2. Hi Justin, thanks for reading. That’s too bad that Twestival didn’t work in Winnipeg, but education isn’t a bad thing either. I guess there’s room for growth and improvement!

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