State of the Victoria Twittersphere – April 2010

Welcome to the fourth State of the Victoria Twittersphere, my look at the intersection of Twitter and Victoria, BC. You can see last month’s stats here.

For information on the data, definitions, and other background, click here.

For April 2010:

# of local users: 2755 (an increase of 289 over March)
# of tweets by local users: 112561
# of tweets by local users containing #yyj: 8561 (7.6%)
# of tweets by local users that were replies: 35218 (31.3%)
# of tweets by local users containing links: 36733 (32.6%)
# of tweets by local users that were retweets: 8783 (7.8%)
# of tweets by local users that were twooshes: 3645 (3.2%)

Here are the numbers above in graphic form:

Here are the top clients used by local users for posting updates:

Some other interesting stats for the month:

  • Just over 52% of all local tweets were posted between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • Local users posted roughly 2.6 tweets per minute in April (compared with 1.8 tweets per minute in March).
  • The day with the most local tweets posted was April 19 at 5740. On average, 3752 local tweets were posted each day (compared with 2634 in March).
  • Of the 35218 replies posted by local users this month, 11865 or 33.7% were to other local users.
  • A total of 526 users posted 50 times or more in March. In comparison, 241 users posted just once.

Here are the top ten most followed local users:

  1. cpudan
  2. SynthGear
  3. cybercourt
  4. goodnewstouse
  5. RealEstate_Site
  6. WDCB
  7. gvoakes
  8. tpholmes
  9. DanielMJBarton
  10. AndrewHolenchuk

Here are the top ten most listed local users:

  1. SynthGear
  2. marisa_herrera
  3. awilkinson
  4. lacouvee
  5. gvoakes
  6. tpholmes
  7. doggybytes
  8. willw
  9. VicConcierge
  10. timescolonist

Here are the top ten most active local users:

  1. auryanna
  2. lacouvee
  3. yukarip
  4. MiteeeMike
  5. TheQdotFM
  6. bluehairedblond
  7. FrogstarWorldB
  8. Rod_Phillips
  9. dorkflower
  10. dotsam

Here are the top ten most active local users using #yyj:

  1. lacouvee
  2. yukarip
  3. Delivery_Club
  4. VIOutdoorExpo
  5. TheQdotFM
  6. fransjonker
  7. 5252motorsports
  8. meetupvictoria
  9. Ahkonsu
  10. AwesomeMommies

Here are the top ten most replied to local users:

  1. YukariP
  2. dotsam
  3. bluehairedblond
  4. lacouvee
  5. nopicnic
  6. jwalsh
  7. Rod_Phillips
  8. FrogstarWorldB
  9. howlabit
  10. ToriKlassen

Here are the top ten most retweeted local users (by other local users):

  1. lacouvee
  2. TheQdotFM
  3. Rod_Phillips
  4. timescolonist
  5. lifeasahuman
  6. VIOutdoorExpo
  7. MossStMarket
  8. volvicbc
  9. FootButterGuy
  10. WharfsideDeals

Final Thoughts

I did some additional work on my algorithm for identifying local users, which accounts for the smaller increase in the number of users from last month. I think the “most retweeted” list is useful for measuring influence, though it alone doesn’t tell the whole story.

Just to clarify, the most retweeted list only accounts for standard-style retweets (those using Twitter’s retweet feature or those starting with RT @) made by other local users. I hope to improve this over time.

2 thoughts on “State of the Victoria Twittersphere – April 2010

  1. Very Useful update on Victoria Twittersphere. I enjoy seeing what platforms people are using to tweet from. Personally, I love Hootsuite – interesting to see that view is shared by many!

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