Edmonton Notes for 7/3/2010

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

There were some nice fireworks in the River Valley on Thursday for Canada Day!


3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 7/3/2010

  1. always love your links – but please note that either the journal cannot do maths or my idea of a 50/50 split is wrong – I though 50/50 mean equal parts…

    according to the article..in 2009
    By transit 129,055
    By car 344,838

    2004 2007 2009
    Private vehicle: 74.3 73.2 72.5
    Transit: 25.7 26.8 27.5

    thats nowhere near an equal split.

  2. There is a great view from the Marquis! I’m not PH2 but just one level down on ’16’, sounded like everyone up there had a good time. A few too many cigarette butts got tossed down though.

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