Edmonton Notes for 1/30/2011

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Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Winter Light Illuminations 2011
Another shot of Winter Light’s Illuminations.

52::4 - Peter Hemingway Pool
Fantastic winter shot of the Peter Hemingway Pool by Darren Kirby.

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 1/30/2011

    1. I actually did a little segment with CBC on this today. I think it’s a bad idea. Canada is already behind, in that our Internet costs more and is slower than many other countries. Now we’re going to make it even more expensive and less accessible? How are we going to encourage innovation and compete globally when it is so difficult to get connected? I’m surprised that 250,000+ have signed the petition, but I guess I shouldn’t be…it’s not hard to see why UBB is such a bad idea for everyone except the ISPs.

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