Edmonton Notes for 11/4/2012

Hope you made the most of your extra hour today! Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Rush Hour at 1st and 2nd
Rush Hour at 1st and 2nd, by Dave Sutherland.

Here are some upcoming events:

Mayfair Park, a week later
A nice capture of the current weather, by bonniedoon2011.

6 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/4/2012

  1. Isn’t there already an app for finding stores and other fixed, public-serving locations? Isn’t it called Google Maps on a GPS-enabled smart phone? Failing that, there’s also a YellowPages mobile app with GPS capability. Why are we always so quick to make a new thing, without first considering what we already have?

    1. As I understand it, what they’re really after with the wayfinding is the pedway system. Currently those routes are not included in Google Maps or any other app that I am aware of (though certainly it would seem like a good candidate for Google’s Indoor Street View in the future).

    1. I think it gives us something to rally around. Previous efforts to better take advantage of our winter months have at times seemed haphazard. I’m betting that having a strategy in place will help to provide some guidance.

      1. Agreed. While I don’t completely disagree with the idea that the sound provision of core services during winter months can help shape one’s perception of winter (snow clearing prep during 2010-11 was an epic fail), I do think there’s been a string of costly, ad hoc winter fairs that could have benefitted from an overarching strategy.

  2. Thanks for featuring another photo of mine! I find Kerry Diotte to be out to lunch on most matters, but his opposition to the winter city strategy takes it to a baffling new level.

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