State of the Calgary Twittersphere 2012 – Users & Clients

This is the second part in my State of the Calgary Twittersphere for 2012 – you can read the overview post here. As we saw in that entry, more than 105,000 local users posted at least one tweet in 2012. Let’s take a closer look at users and the tools they used to post tweets.

While a large number of users posted at least one tweet throughout the year, there are fewer users who post something in any given month. Keeping in mind that November is underrepresented in this chart, we can see that October had the most active users at nearly 60,000, and the trend is very clearly going up.

There are a small number of really active users, and a much larger number of less active users. In 2012, the top 100 most active users accounted for about 1.7 million or 9.0% of all local tweets.

Here are the 25 most active users:

  1. izzynobre
  2. GeekyLyndsay
  3. twiggy_hot
  4. xoTalim
  5. GeneralTekno
  6. BradWardLive
  7. SarahMcGuireJB
  8. WestJet
  9. TK0N
  10. dead__last
  11. CameraguyRob
  12. longdoglover
  13. RebTheCatSitter
  14. MusicMunchkin
  15. misskatsuragi
  16. a_picazo
  17. YorchCalgarian
  18. annemaccat
  19. TonyCosens
  20. lisawest99
  21. Paradise5551
  22. Wavefronttech
  23. candacemountain
  24. monaSinging
  25. PrimeBane

Here are the 5 most active bots or automated feeds:

  1. Remodelit_RADIO
  2. CalgaryBizcaf
  3. econewsbits
  4. HeraldHeadlines
  5. righelp

Combined, the top 30 users accounted for about 5.1% of all local tweets.

Here are the 25 most active users using #yyc:

  1. annemaccat
  2. ciawesome
  3. CTVCalgary
  4. CalgaryCommute
  5. metrocalgary
  6. calgaryherald
  7. BikeBikeYYC
  8. redgypsee
  9. OpenFileCGY
  10. 660NewsTraffic
  11. CTVMorningYYC
  12. ireneerutema
  13. markusoff
  14. LisaOstrikoff
  15. CalgaryREMAX
  16. 660News
  17. cityofcalgary
  18. knoppolis
  19. GlobalCalgary
  20. daxjustin
  21. collenbe
  22. LoGoDNB
  23. zoeywrites
  24. kahanelaw
  25. VogueCalgary

Here are the 5 most active bots or automated feeds using #yyc:

  1. CgyCa
  2. DailyDealsCGY
  3. mk_it_solutions
  4. Calgary_News
  5. BestDealCalgary

The top 100 most active users using #yyc and related tags accounted for less than 1.0% of all local tweets, and 24.8% of all #yyc-tagged tweets.

Here are the 25 most replied to users (by other local users):

  1. nenshi
  2. calgarytransit
  3. X929
  4. Fan960Steinberg
  5. antipretty_yyc
  6. lonnietaylor
  7. NHLFlames
  8. Eves1
  9. danellew
  10. Diegirl
  11. lubeyisms
  12. annemaccat
  13. maniacalmom
  14. CassieNeil
  15. DarciBrianne
  16. MisterYYC
  17. myownbiggestfan
  18. dinnerwithjulie
  19. buzzbishop
  20. WestJet
  21. WeebDaCat
  22. lisawest99
  23. doglover100
  24. redgypsee
  25. fan960walker

Those 25 users accounted for 7.2% of all local replies. The top 100 most replied to local users accounted for 1.5% of all local tweets and 15.2% of all local replies.

I think the retweet is one of the most valuable metrics on Twitter. Anyone can post a lot, or gain a lot of followers, but to get retweeted by lots of other people you need to be useful/interesting/funny/inspiring/etc.

Here are the 25 most retweeted non-individual users:

  1. calgaryherald
  2. CBCCalgary
  3. CTVCalgary
  4. metrocalgary
  5. cityofcalgary
  6. NHLFlames
  7. 660News
  8. GlobalCalgary
  9. AvenueMagazine
  10. ciawesome
  11. calgarysun
  12. calstampeders
  13. calgarytransit
  14. CalgaryPoker
  15. X929
  16. WestJet
  17. VolunteerCal
  18. calgarypolice
  19. calgarystampede
  20. downtowncalgary
  21. OpenFileCGY
  22. CTVMorningYYC
  23. calgary
  24. Calgary_News
  25. BikeBikeYYC

Here are the 25 most retweeted individual users:

  1. nenshi
  2. markusoff
  3. buzzbishop
  4. mikesbloggity
  5. ericfrancis
  6. DonBraid
  7. MisterYYC
  8. lonnietaylor
  9. Crackmacs
  10. dansgoodside
  11. LisaOstrikoff
  12. dinnerwithjulie
  13. TheoFleury14
  14. codyincalgary
  15. espyexperience
  16. ctvtoddgallant
  17. Fan960Steinberg
  18. sunrickbell
  19. CoryBMorgan
  20. paul_dunphy
  21. daxjustin
  22. socialgrrrl
  23. jayemkayem
  24. theturner
  25. a_picazo

A total of 44 users were retweeted by other local users 1000 times or more. Just 5 users were retweeted more than 5000 times, and @nenshi was the only individual in that group. Just @calgaryherald was retweeted more than 10,000 times.

I did not keep track of the most followed users this year, primarily because the information is readily available elsewhere. If you want to know who the most followed users in Calgary are, check out Twopcharts.


More than 4200 different applications and services were used to post tweets in 2012. For the first time since I have been tracking stats, the web is no longer the top dog! Here are the top ten:

  1. Twitter for iPhone
  2. web
  3. Twitter for BlackBerry®
  4. Twitter for Android
  5. TweetDeck
  6. HootSuite
  7. Instagram
  8. Facebook
  9. Tweet Button
  10. Echofon

The top ten clients accounted for 81.1% of all local tweets posted in 2012.

Coming Up

  1. Overview
  2. Users & Clients
  3. Hashtags & Links

10 thoughts on “State of the Calgary Twittersphere 2012 – Users & Clients

  1. WoW! That is a lot of very interesting info! I never expected to see my name on any kind of list for yyc twitter users. If you did a breakdown of tweeters after midnight you’d see my name there too. 🙂 Thank you for all the work you did in compiling this report for the Calgary Twitter World.

  2. I see a few trolls, troublemakers, real, really phoney et al including myself in there. A fair representation of people I see on the street every day. Twitter allows me to this in the comfort of my own home. That’s what I’ll tell anyone what asks me when I’m there. I didn’t really know why before now. Related: I may have skewed the results if you’ve been tracking local usage of this emoticon. They may seem a little high if I’m on that list too. @doglover100

    1. I forgot the 🙂 and I’m aware of the typos et al too. I don’t care. I have a dead link in my bio. Only 2 people have pointed that out to me. I Rick rolled 2 people on Twitter. Does that make me a big deal now. Check out the link. 🙂

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