7 thoughts on “Edmonton wants to be an open city

  1. Good post. I look forward to the update on Council discussion. The strategy doc received today opens the way for consultation and development of a Council Policy.

    1. Thanks Jas. It sounds like that’s what Executive Committee decided to do – engage the public in the creation of a draft policy. So that’s great news! I will post a follow-up once I have a better handle on it.

  2. Thanks for the analytical coverage of this exciting topic, Mack. One citizen-led initative that came out of the HackYEG is the OpenEdmonton group which aims to engage the citizens of the city around digital issues in a more sustained manner. We are open to anyone interested to geting in touch with us!

  3. Correction: Chris Moore has not yet been replaced. He came on board as CIO to replace Kate Rozmahel when she left for the provincial government. She has now returned as General Manager of Corporate Services, and Moore has left. The CIO would now report to her, as would the head of HR, Law Branch etc.

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