Edmonton Notes for 4/26/2015

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:


  • It finally happened! The Oilers have made some big changes to their management team. CEO Bob Nicholson has appointed Peter Chiarelli President of Hockey Operations and General Manager effective immediately. Kevin Lowe remains Vice Chair of the Oilers Entertainment Group but will be transitioning out of hockey operations. No word on what’s next for Craig MacTavish. Also, Patrick LaForge has stepped down as President and COO.
  • The Edmonton Eskimos have extended Ed Hervey’s contract through 2017. Hervey has also added Vice President of Football Operations to his title. The upcoming season will be Hervey’s 17th with the green & gold and his third as General Manager.
  • Pretty much everyone agrees: Rachel Notley won the debate on Thursday evening. Can she bring it home?
  • We’re just over a week away from election day and this weekend I challenged myself to build an election site! The first version is now up which lets you browse candidates, electoral districts, and more. I’ve integrated some of the 2012 results data too and will be launching an update this week to support the 2015 results. My goal is to build the best online results dashboard for election night.
  • From David Staples: all four major parties support heavy investment in city infrastructure, including the LRT. “It makes for a more boring election, but it’s good news for Edmonton.”
  • On a similar note, the federal budget announced on Tuesday includes a transit funding commitment which takes effect in 2017. It’s not clear year how much will come to Edmonton, but it’s a positive sign.
  • If you haven’t already watched the Legislative Assembly of Cards video do it now! It’s an amazing shot-for-shot recreation of the opening credits for House of Cards, but set here in Edmonton. It was created by Calgary cinematographer Alex Robinson.

Under the LRT Bridge, photo by Jason Dorn

Upcoming Events

Kelley Ramsey tower April 25 2015
Kelly Ramsey Tower – April 25, 2015, photo by Jason Woodhead

One thought on “Edmonton Notes for 4/26/2015

  1. Traffic circles are the most efficient intersections other than highway overpasses. There are ALWAYS vehicles in the intersection which keeps traffic flowing. Mythbusters even did an experiment showing this (albeit, it was Mythbusters, lol).

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