Media Monday Edmonton: Update #187

Here’s my latest update on local media stuff:

New Edmonton Journal
Former Edmonton Journal editor-in-chief Margo Goodhand who tweeted fond memories and praise for each of the staffers who lost their jobs

And here is some slightly less local media stuff:

  • Rogers Media today announced that it is cutting 200 jobs across its television, radio, and publishing divisions. No word on the local impact yet. The cuts are slated to take place in February.
  • Here are Linda’s latest social media notes. Congrats on #100 Linda!
  • The Canadian Association of Broadcasters CEO Radio Council is launching a new “radio marketing and advocacy bureau” later this year.
  • Frontline, a program series “that trains and supports writers who are exploring, testing, witnessing and reporting back on some of the most current and pressing issues of our time,” is offering a two-week residency at the Banff Centre for writers focused on environmental reportage.
  • After a tough week for media in Canada, Marsha Lederman wrote in the Globe: “So if the day comes when media organizations are no longer paying journalists to dig up these stories, what will these sites do for material?”
  • Also in the Globe, Simon Houpt wrote: “City newspapers aren’t just pillars of their communities. Ideally, they are the connective tissue of the body politic, as well as its first response to nascent cancers.”
  • Newspapers aren’t the only ones being affected by the shift to digital: “Nearly half of the country’s local TV stations could be off the air by 2020 without a boost in revenues to pay for local programming, the national broadcast regulator has been told as it prepares to open public hearings into the viability of local TV.”
  • This piece by Dave Winer covers a lot of the reasons that I’m uneasy about Medium.

You can follow Edmonton media news on Twitter using the hashtag #yegmedia. For a great overview of the global media landscape, check out Mediagazer.

So, what have I missed? What’s new and interesting in the world of Edmonton media? Let me know!

You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here.

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