Media Monday Edmonton: Update #301

Here’s my latest update on local media stuff:

Carbon Copy Unveiling
Carbon Copy was unveiled recently in the Brewery District

And here is some slightly less local media stuff:

  • About 75 people were laid off on June 14 from Rogers Media’s digital content & publishing team. Here’s a statement from Rogers Media on the layoffs: “We have reorganized our…structure to reflect the headwinds the industry is facing and make the business sustainable.”
  • Following in the footsteps of Postmedia, Global News is launching a new podcast called “This is Why” to delve “deeper into the stories that matter to Canadians.”
  • The Logic is a new Canadian subscription news outlet. “Information wants to be $300 a year — and it wants to be exclusive, high quality, and lower quantity,” reports Nieman Lab.
  • Concordia University is launching the Institute for Investigative Journalism, the first of its kind in Canada, to be headquartered in the Department of Journalism.
  • From Quartz: “Next year, for the first time, we’ll spend more time using the internet than watching TV.”
  • Based on a new report from PwC, the Wall Street Journal reports that “advertisers spent an estimated $313.9 million on podcast ads in 2017, an increase of 86% from about $169.1 million a year earlier”.
  • Did you enjoy the S-Town podcast? Well, get ready for the movie. Participant Media has acquired the rights and Spotlight‘s Tom McCarthy is in negotiations to direct.
  • Don’t worry, #mprraccoon reached the roof and was rescued. Think about everything this story tells us about the state of media right now!

Follow Edmonton media news using the hashtag #yegmedia and be sure to check out Mediagazer for the latest media news from elsewhere. You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here. If you have a tip or suggestion for future updates, let me know.

At Taproot Edmonton we’re working hard to ensure that local journalism has a future in our city. Join us to be part of the movement.

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