Media Monday Edmonton: Update #308

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Local updates from the Media Roundup

Here are a few select updates from today’s Media Roundup:

  • Corus Entertainment’s CKNG-FM, broadcasting at 92.5 FM, has rebranded to 92.5 The ‘Chuck. “Buff up the Talus balls and grab a green onion cake,” reads the news release.
  • Taproot Edmonton is launching a weekly municipal politics podcast called Speaking Municipally. Hosted by Troy Pavlek and myself, the podcast will feature 20-30 minute conversations about the context surrounding decisions made at City Hall. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.
  • Sarolta Saskiw is joining CityNews Edmonton from Winnipeg. “I’ve had an amazing 2 years covering stories here in Winnipeg, and have met so many great people,” she tweeted.
  • Digging in the Dirt is looking for your support on STORYHIVE. The 20-minute documentary builds on Omar Mouallem’s award-winning investigative feature for BuzzFeed News.
  • Karen Unland will make podcast recommendations on CBC Radio on Tuesday afternoon. “Catch her chat about true crime podcasts at about 3:35 p.m. on CBC Calgary’s The Homestretch and at about 4:05 p.m. on CBC Edmonton’s Radio Active.”

92.5 The 'Chuck at the Edmonton Heritage Festival

Media-related updates from elsewhere

And here is some non-local media news that I found interesting this week:

  • After 14 years, Postmedia’s arts & entertainment magazine Swerve Calgary has “been discontinued.” Listings will continue online and in the Herald, they say. It’s too bad the shutdown happened during the summer holidays, because it doesn’t sound like the editorial team will have a chance to put together a final issue.
  • Margaret Sullivan writes in the Washington Post about the local-news crisis: “And to make matters worse, many are owned by hedge funds that couldn’t care less about journalism. They are only interested in bleeding the papers dry of whatever remaining profits they can produce with ever-shrinking staffs.” And later: “What’s more, as papers decline, there’s less reason to subscribe because coverage isn’t what it used to be.”
  • “People will support local news and investigative reporting, they just need to see themselves in that coverage or see that it helps them identify solutions for everyday problems,” writes Tracie Powell in a piece on connecting audience to revenue.
  • The New York Times has an update on Disney’s forthcoming streaming service that will compete with Netflix.
  • Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify have finally done the right thing and have banned the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars website from their platforms. “The lone major social network to still allow Jones unfettered access is Twitter, where the broadcaster has a “verified” account.”

Follow Edmonton media news using the hashtag #yegmedia and be sure to check out Mediagazer for the latest media news from elsewhere. You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here. If you have a tip or suggestion for future updates, let me know.

At Taproot Edmonton we’re working hard to ensure that local journalism has a future in our city. Join us to be part of the movement.

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