Edmonton Notes for October 18, 2020

Here are my latest Edmonton notes!

One year until the municipal election

Edmonton’s next municipal election is exactly one year away: Oct. 18, 2021. And while it does feel early to be talking about the horse race, that gates have opened nonetheless. A number of candidates have announced their intention to run for mayor.

Among them is Councillor Andrew Knack. "Yes, considering it but recognizing there might be some really excellent people that I think would be even better mayors who are considering it right now," he told CTV News.

I think Councillor Knack is a wonderful councillor and I can absolutely see how he’d make a great mayor someday. Perhaps that is why Councillor Mike Nickel continues to attack him online. They couldn’t be more opposite.

I was very happy to see so many Edmontonians from across the city chime in on Twitter to defend Councillor Knack this weekend. And I have to imagine that most of council is wishing they could redo the sanction hearing.

Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Knack
Councillor Andrew Knack, photo by Dave Cournoyer

Other recent headlines

  • I’m glad to see the temporary patio program has been extended until March 31, 2021. Who knows whether Edmontonians will be willing to eat outside in the cold, but at least now restaurants that want to find out can try. Well, except in situations when the City denies fantastic ideas like Tiramisu Bistro’s proposed igloos. Troy and I talked about this on the podcast and I ranted a bit about winter patios. Heaters are helpful, but protection from the wind is what is what we really need!
  • The City has begun installing new bus stop signs in anticipation of the new bus network that will launch in April. They feature improved accessibility and "indicate a significant and exciting transit change is coming." I look forward to seeing them in person.
  • A brand new LEGO store is set to open in Phase IV at West Edmonton Mall in November. I’m sure plans were underway well before the pandemic but still this must have a challenging time to launch an "experiential" store.
  • The Whitemud Creek Coal Mine, located near Snow Valley, was Edmonton’s last. It operated from 1952 to 1970. "In the hundred years of coal mining in Edmonton, 160 mines and prospects covered 3260 acres and produced 15 million tons of coal."

For more recent headlines, check out the latest from Taproot Edmonton.

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